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Operational Safety Plan

BCSF COVID-19 Operational Safety Plan

November 20, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Snowmobile season. It is well advertised and documented that the absolute best practice to contain the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home and limit visits to public places for the essentials. Our first priority is the health and safety of our Team Members, guests and our communities through these challenging times.

As our Team Members and management prepare for the 2020 season, we have watched carefully the progress of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have monitored closely the recommendations and precautionary measures of the World Health Organization, Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control and our Provincial Health Officer. 

The BC Snowmobile Federation is committed to the ongoing safety of our members, riders and our Team Members. As a result, a number of precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure that everyone will stay safe in and around the BC Snowmobile Federation operations.  While we do hope that our environment will return to normal in the not too distant future, for now, this mode of operation will become the new normal. 

Risk Assessment and areas to consider 

The BC Snowmobile Federation currently has one full time staff person that works from a home based office.  At this time the BCSF does not intend to hire any additional staff to work from the head office.  If new staff are hired they will also work from home and their risks will be assessed and included in our Operation Plan.

COVID-19 BCSF Operating Policy

COVID risks related to the work of the Federation are minimal but we have established the following policies:

  1. The BCSF Office is closed to the public.  There will be no entry permitted by the public, club volunteers, or contractors to the BCSF Office.
  2. All meetings of the Federation will be held electronically on Zoom or other platforms provided by our partners.
  3. While the Province is under a travel advisory all staff and BCSF Board Members will not be traveling outside of their home community for BCSF business or attend any club meetings in person.  We will continue to promote the use of electronic platforms like Zoom to ensure we can conduct business needed.
  4. All banking will be done using online banking and the RBC Mobile app. 
  5. The Federation has no cash on hand and will not accept any type of cash payment at this time.  We will continue to accept payments by PayPal, Etransfer and cheques sent via mail.  
  6. All mail received at the Federation will not be opened for at least three days after it was received at the office.
  7. All trips for supplies and mail will be limited to essential trips only and proper planning will be conducted to ensure the number of trips required is minimal.
  8. If staff or Board Members must go out to get supplies for the BCSF they must abide by the PHO Order and wear a mask.  The BCSF Best Practice for Snowmobile Club Operations during COVID-19 provides guidelines for utilizing masks that our staff will follow.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic is rapidly evolving the BCSF will continue to follow recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer and monitor our workplace for risks associated with COVID-19 and update this policy as required.