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2022 BCSF Excellence Awards

The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) is pleased to present the BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards program to recognize exceptional contribution and support for the recreational activity of snowmobiling.


The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards will honor individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and businesses in British Columbia that, in the recent past, have made a significant contribution towards showcasing the popularity and the overall appeal of the sport, have made a remarkable effort to promote solidarity and responsibility within the snowmobile community or who have offered exceptional quality of service to snowmobilers.


Deadline for Nominations will be March 21st, 2022

Important Info:

Nominations valid only if properly completed and submitted by a BCSF member in good standing. The winners from each category will be forwarded to the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) nomination committee for inclusion in the Canadian Snowmobile Excellence Awards, presented at the Annual International Snowmobile Congress. 

The more information that is provided will assist the committee to select the best qualified individual/organization.  The committee can only review what is included in the nomination and does not do further research or follow up if the nomination is not complete.

A nomination does not neccesarily mean that the BCSF will award the category.  The review committee may decide that the threshold for recognition for an excellence awards has not been met and choose to not award a category.  

Youth of the Year

The recipient of this award must be under 18 years of age and be a member or family member of a snowmobile club affiliated with the BCSF. They must be able to show examples demonstrating their continued participation and dedication towards the continued growth of snowmobiling as a family based leisure activity. Other projects can also be considered to demonstrate involvement in snowmobiling.

Dealer of the Year

The recipient of this award will be recognized for their exceptional customer and after-sales service, superior technical knowledge, superlative efforts to promote the sport, and strong ties to their local snowmobile clubs and community.


Groomer of the Year

Nominate a person that is a BCSF member and either is a groomer operator, groomer maintenance, grooming program organizer or grooming fundraiser. This award is designed specifically for the individual that has given an exemplary effort in maintaining a local grooming program.

Tourism Promotion & Development

The recipient of this award must be a tourism operator, or not-for-profit agency, association or organization, which has shown outstanding innovation and achievement in the development and implementation of a snowmobile tourism program or original initiative that, has resulted in positive media recognition or increased participation from snowmobilers and/or non-snowmobilers. The net result is to have been a contribution to increasing the image and exposure of snowmobiling and the growth of the sport in that area, region, or community. In so doing, the recipient must have demonstrated a willingness to work closely with members of the organized snowmobiling community.

Family of the Year

The family receiving this award must belong to a member affiliated with the BCSF, and will have distinguished themselves in the following areas: volunteerism, leadership, safety, the environment, promotion of responsible snowmobiling and development and community outreach.

Snowmobile Club of the Year

The recipient of this award must be a member club of the BCSF, or a non-profit organization, which has shown outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of a program, original initiative or event and which will have been deemed a success by snowmobilers and/or non-snowmobilers, and from which media recognition or financial benefits have contributed to increasing the image and exposure of snowmobiling and the growth of the sport in that area, region, or province.

Snowmobiler of the Year

This award is for an individual who has shown an extraordinary level of dedication to improving the sport of snowmobiling in BC and who exemplifies the high standards and selflessness that Pat Whiteway maintained during his lifetime. The award is meant to be the highest award available to a BC snowmobiler. The recipient must have been involved in organized snowmobiling for most of their adult life or their impact on the sport in BC so significant that time involved could not be overlooked. 

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