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CCSO Snowmobile Health Study

Research Snowmobiling and Physical Activity

The attached study completed by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations summarizes recent research findings which demonstrate the health benefits of snowmobile riding.   The document includes physiological data from field testing in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. It also includes a literature review investigating the potential benefits that snowmobiling could have on mental health. The research summarized in this document was carried out independently by researchers at the University of Guelph.

Snowmobiling Is Moderate Intensity Physical Activity:

The researchers found that snowmobiling sufficiently increases metabolic demand (the amount of energy used) for it to be classified as moderate intensity physical activity.

Snowmobiling Activity Benefits Mental Health:

Regular physical activity is beneficial for improving both physical and mental health.  Snowmobiling is a physical activity and there is plenty of research suggesting that physical activity, alone or in combination with medication, is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.  

Snowmobiling Environment & Camaraderie Benefit Mental Health:

In addition to being a physical activity, snowmobiling is also performed outdoors, in natural environments, and often with family and friends. Getting outdoors, seeing nature, and socializing are all well-known methods of combating mental health issues.

Snowmobiling Can Benefit Overall Health:

By summarizing recent field work and related research, this document aims to highlight the potential benefits of snowmobiling on physical and mental health. These benefits can be accrued because snowmobiling involves physical activity, outdoor time, exposure to nature, and socialization. All are aspects of our lives often neglected during the winter. These factors position snowmobiling as an excellent activity for people of all ages as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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